Since it doesn't matter anyway my opinion on the forums...
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Author:  Boatmurdered [ Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Since it doesn't matter anyway my opinion on the forums...

First off I want to give a sincere thank you to both Limyc, and HRDuke, both of whom have been nothing if not professional, and able to empathize. Many times I've seen them in threads saying they understood, and occassioanly questing things HR has done. Whenever I've had a forum issue Duke, much like State Farm has been there.

OK, so let's be honest. I can see only 2 real reasons the forums are going down for good.
They are as follows.

1) The forums are vastly, and mostly negative, and highly critical of changes, and HR in general. The smite Subreddit is mostly +. Personally I believe healthy criticism is important to grow as a company, or individual player, but it's possible that HR doesn't want to pay to maintain forums where most of the reactions are -. Have you ever tried to say something - on the smite reddit? It's down voted to oblivion. If this is true it's rather sad, but w/e.

2) They can no longer afford to pay for the forums as they're shifting all their resources to GA2 as they stated they'd be doing in a few months.

Dear HR I hate to break it to you, but there has never been a big moba game that has no had official forums. HON, DOTA2, LOL, even normal DOTA all had official forums. I get that you like to do crazy things, but shooting yourself in the foot because you're too cheap to maintain the forums is going to rub a lot of the forum people the wrong way.

Just my opinion.

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